Burnside or Y factor?

Which one should I get? I really liked the Code 2, and I thought the Y Factor looked sorta liked that. But, I just tried a Burnside the other day and I really liked that? Which one?

I like them both, but I’d go for the Burnside if you’re looking for more serious play.

The Y-Factor is an undersized and, IMO, more catered to being ‘fun’ to throw.


I have a Burnside. A YFactor is heading my way, along with a Project in a different box(I’m not sure if unboxing videos are gonna be made, mine take a lot of work).

I should know in a week or so. But I have a feeling it’s gonna be Burnside.

The Burnside for sure. Its probably the best bang for your buck competition throw out there. Plays like pretty fast, nice heft to it without feeling like a brick and under $100 bucks. Can’t really go wrong with that. I kinda wished it was a tad bit floater feeling on the string but that’s just me. All around great yoyo though.

Great, now I need to decide whether to get a Burnside or get a CLYW. (That is if I have enough money for a CLYW. :P)

Stick to the burnside, if you have enough money go for a clyw, puffin, avalanche, arctic circle. :smiley: good luck :smiley:

Knowing how much you love the cascade I would get the Y Factor… The Y Factor has a good deal of mid weight and feels great on a throw… The Y Factor is the best 50mm one drop (IMHO)

Two completely different yo-yos.

Burnside: Cadillac Escalade.
Y-Factor: Mazda Miata.

Which do you want? I want them both. If you can only get one; I would get the Burnside. It’s dimensions are much more “modern” (larger) and the shape is more open.

But that Miata is sure fun to drive.

Yeah, the Burnside feels angular and full-sized, while the Y-Factor is rounded and smaller. It depends on what you prefer.