BUYING YOYO - OD Burnside vs. YYF Catalyst

Hey guys. I’m planning on buying a new yoyo. I need some suggestions on which yoyo is better.
Catalyst vs. Burnside :’(

Burnside will annihilate the Catalyst any day.

I’ve never thrown a catalyst, but I have a burnside. I would buy it again if I had to choose.

i would go with the burnside.

the two have pretty stark contrasts imo…

the catalyst will feel a good deal smaller than the burnside, easier for chopsticks, and possibly some tech tricks. a more nimble yoyo, its a great player and one of my favorites from yyf from the fair amount ive tried.

the burnside is just a beast tho, onedrops most aggresive design yet. it has a slight heft to it on throws, but will be more stable because of its weight, yet this throw does not play slow and heavy. it will do waht you want it to with ease, plus they have alot of really nice color options past and present to choose from.

they are both awesome throws, but id put my money on the burnside… if your into more extreme, competition based profiles this will be right up your alley. i havent talked to anyone yet who has disliked the burnside, so that probably says something also…