Cascade or Burnside. Thoughts?


It looks like I am on the hunt to buy a new yoyo. And I’d like to go a little outside my comfort zone and go for a OneDrop; as they have been releasing some really cool stuff. I’ll make my choice between the Cascade and Burnside. But you are welcome to recommend another yoyo that fits my preferences as you see fit.

I really enjoy an agile yoyo. It needs to have the ability to be fast quick and handle things quite well. It doesn’t have to be. Light, solid is fine; but if it’s a slug like the pyro, then I can’t buy it. Color doesn’t matter. Also I like something that is friendly on the catch, width and height isn’t a concern.


Well, these just aren’t in the same category.

I think the Cascade will be your better bet. The design seems to lend itself well towards what you’re after. The Burnside isn’t slacking in any area, and even at the price, it plays way above that.

Can’t go wrong with an OD… but as Studio said - two different throws!!!

The Cascade really can’t be compared to any other OD throw - it has a completely different feel to it, sweet hour glass, small diameter and a touch wider…

Also has Side Effects, which the Burnside doesn’t (that’s why it’s cheaper.

Burnside is slick and awesome, even without Side Effects it should be a $100+ throw.

If You want something unique grab the Cascade… want a solid, super stable H shape, grab the Burnside… if you want both the H of the Burnside and the Side Effects of the Cascade take a peek at the Codes (1 or 2)

I’ve been told that the play of the Burnside is similar to that of a Northstar. Thought that might be helpful.

I’ve played both and that sounds pretty spot on.


Yup and YYFs "-star"s have a very similar shape to the Burnside as well. I like to think of the Cascade as the fatter mini-me of the Supernova 2012.

I got the cascade!

On another note it’s not even close to the supernova, or any yoyo actually.

What colorway did you get Pat? I personally don’t like onedrops but they should fit you well.

Pat, its Jim… :stuck_out_tongue:

I got a Dragon Slayer.

O Lol I got confused cause your avatars are so similar. My bad haha

From your description I’d say the cascade is definitely the one you’d Prefer out of the two.
It’s agile,quick, and if you find it’s to heavy on the string you can switch the SE to ultralights (or any other lighter SE’s)

I’d say the burnside’s main quality is smoothness, more of a relaxed player for me, if been working out pretty quick with the cascade and have found it handles speed really well. Also is very friendly on the catch/grind.