Should I get a YYF Superstar or a OD Burnside?

[color=black][/color]Just wondering which is better in your opinion. :wink:

Burnside, hands down, no contest, AT ALL

All YYF are the same. OD yoyos are way more solid

Flip a coin. I can assure you that after playing both companies yoyos, neither is better than another. It will come down to preference. The Burnside looks a bit like a Genesis to me and that alone makes it worthwhile, the Superstar on the other hand has quite the legacy behind it and there is a reason that they are so popular. Saying these things, I have not played either yoyo but can assure you, any yoyo that comes today will no doubt handle any trick you want to throw at it and it will be fun. So, just go for whatever you want, pick a color you enjoy, do whatever. If you end up not liking your choice, the B/S/T is a wonderful place for redemption.

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I’ve throw a Superstar and I liked it. I have paid for and am waiting for a Burnside to ship. I’m not going to say anything else about the Burnside other than it may be delayed because it may be coming with some other way-cool goodies to make it worth the wait(even if I am paying for them!).

What I will say is the Superstar I played was well taken care off and had Dice Stacks. It also had a Crucial Grooved bearing in it. The yoyo was very smooth, stable and felt really good on the string. I mean, for a $00 yoyo, it felt like one would expect for the price. It felt really good. I was kind of on a “no more YYF” mood, but based on how this felt, it’s definitely something I will be looking to get in the future. The hubstacks aren’t a feature I need, but even with the dice stacks, it was still smooth. There was a little vibe, but that was usually due to either my throw or not landing good on a string, definitely nothing that would have been a distraction for me when playing. I don’t obsess about vibe as I look for general performance.

One Drop makes amazing stuff. I have a Code 1, 54, MMN and a Dietz. As I said, a Burnside is mine, just awaiting shipping. A Dang and a Cafe Racer are also in the targets for acquiring soon.

Personally, I find I can buy a One Drop and be happy with it, no questions asked. With YYF,I find it’s best to play it. I like almost everything I play, and the Superstar is on that list.

If you need stacks, well, the Superstar is a good affordable way to get into it. If not, I do feel the Burnside is a better throw.

I feel as though I may be buying a OD Burnside. I am not fully sure though, I may get another yo-yo anyway. It way come down to looks.

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I have both and definitely suggest the Burnside.

The only reason to get the Superstar in my mind would be if you want hubstacks. I actually preferred the play of my Superstar without the hubstacks. It’s a solid player, but the Burnside just feels like it has a better weight distribution to me.

I should note that I use a konkave in all my throws.