Do you think the OD burnside competes with the YYF supernova?


Hey guys so im going to gets burnisde (im not super serious about this post, just wanna know for fun) I’ve heard that the Burnside competes with $110+ throws, is this true (specifically supernova, and if you can summit and super g, those are my top 2 most want throws but… Expensive and dont want to get a $140 (at my store) throw) so yah… How does it compare?
-gentry stein.
Jk, im not gentry… Lol

(SR) #2

I prefer it over the Supernova and lots of other yoyos. It’s really good for its price.

One thing to note though, it is ALOT heavier than a Supernova or other yoyos.


Wow… And I like heavy yoyos, it will be a little heavy, but that’s okay.


I couldn’t stand the SuperNova.

I have two Burnsides and love them.

Guess what I’m gonna recommend?

(Code 2!!!)


I absolutely love my supernova. Although if you like heavy and want a better grinding experience I would go for the burnside.


It would be awesome to have a code 2… But… Pricy!!! :wink: haha.


The Burnside was one of my two all time favorite One Drop yo-yos and my carry everywhere for the longest time. It is amazing and comes in at an incredible price.


or wait for the CHIK, isn’t it based somewhat off the burnside? or is it based of code 2?


Well, I did say the Burnside WAS one of my all time favorite One Drops and my go to carry everywhere. :wink:


Performance-wise the Burnside is definitely on par with most $100+ yoyos. Compared to the Supernova it’s a matter of preference, as they’re both nice players. The Burnside does feel heavy on the string which makes it less of a fun throw for me.

You may also want to consider the new YYF CZM84VK, which is around your price range and looks like a great player, though I’ve yet to try one.


One Drop is my favorite company, and I still prefer the Supernova. I just couldn’t get into the Burnside. The spin just wasn’t as powerful as I was expecting.


Wait for the Chik… it will retail for $88.