I really need help deciding....

I was looking into the super g, the dang, the code 1 and the dietz. Or anything else you would recommend. Please help.

If you’re talking those kind of price ranges, why not throw the One Drop Burnside into the mix as well?

You should be very happy with anything by One Drop.

My personal preference of your choices is the super g because of its amazing stability and great horizontal play but i agree with Studio42 the burnside is a great throw and probably my favorite onedrop

I reccomend the super g as well, awesomely shape evaar!

In seriousness just get the one that looks the coolest to you.

one drop just released the flamethrower burnside on hsyy

So the burn side and the super g?

I mean the burnside or the super g?

I’d say burnside but check out the specs on each yoyo and see what fits your preferences. Both are well known, reliable brands

I’m not much of a horizontal player but is the super g good for just throwing around. I don’t do very much fast I like to do more slow hard tricks. Which yoyo fits that better?


if you can get both then you should totally do it… i did that with the severe and the super nova… so glad i did… and i am loving my super G right now :wink:

I think I could get both. Do they compliment each other.

Not really. They just wanna throw down.

(it’s a yoyo joke. Laugh! I command it!)