Which One Do I Choose?!?!

I’m looking at yoyos in the $80 range and I don’t know what to get and I’ve been suggested both the Catalyst and Super G what would you say is the better of the two? And if you’re some one who has used both I would REALLY love to hear your opinion :slight_smile: I’m wanting to order this stuff in the week some time so it’s would be great to hear sooner than that. And if you know of a comparison review that would be even better!

Peace Out.

Buy a solaris instead of a catalyst or super g. It plays ways better

I don’t have that much money to spend…

I’m gonna be that guy and give you advice on two throws I don’t have… :wink:

What draws you to these two throws? They are both different shapes… maybe consider something in the middle? Like the One Drop Burnside- it’s a little lighter, but I don’t think you’ll notice with the Burnside.

If you bump up your price by $15 (the two you suggested are $85) - I’d look at the Code1 or 2 (C2 is currently sold out) and you can play with the weights with Side Effects. Also, the 54 is a similar shape compared to the Catalyst,but is a little smaller diameter (but also has side effects)

Hope that helps… I know its not the two you asked - I’m sure they’re great - but I really enjoy my Burnside, and I think it has the best of both worlds compared to the catalyst and Sup G.

I would definetly get the code 2. The shape is just a great shape in my opinion. Also I really like the specs weieght and everything especially with the side effects. I got an orange code 2 yesterday.

Both of them are really good. Between those two if you are looking for strong spin times and maximum stability go with the Super G. If you don’t want that go with the Catalyst. (I personally like the Catalyst better) :slight_smile:

Okay…well thanks every one it looks like I’ll be going with the catalyst :slight_smile: