which should I get?????


with christmas around the corner I thought I would ask for a new yoyo. I either wont a Catalyst or a Super G. I know that both are amazing yoyos so I wonted your opinion on things
-I like fast smooth play
-Right now i am throwing a spyy solaris
-If you think a better yoyo would suit me then dont be afraid to suggest .

(Jei Cheetah) #2

Any yoyo is capable of playing fast and smooth, which is a common misconception of people to think that certain yoyos can only play a certain way.
The Catalyst feels a bit lighter so for some it might feel “faster”
Both are decent. Flip a coin and you won’t be dissapointed pretty much.


personally, i would choose the super G, but maybe thats because i have quite a bit similar to the catalyst already… and i like the audacious look of the super G