Super G v. Catalyst v. Di Base v. Boss


i am looking for a high end yoyo and i am indecisive between the few. I want a a quick and stable yoyo, with good grinding abilities, long spinning, and to be able to do horizontals help would be greatly appreciated.


theres so much more you have to tell us. Do you want a fast yoyo? smooth yoyo? floaty yoyo? shape? color?


We need more info on what type of yoyo u like. When u supply us with that, we can help you. ;D

(Kei) #4

All of those are great choices. But, as stated above, we need more info.

What size?
The Super G and Catalyst are oversized, the Di Base is midsized, and the Boss is undersized.

Do you want something more rounded like the Boss or Catalyst, something with more of a h-shape like the Super G? Or whatever you would call the shape of the Di-Base (pointed/curvy h-shape?)

Heavy, medium, light?

I think you will be happy with any of the choices, but you may not according to your preferences.


You will most likely be happy with any of those. I would just pick the one that pleases you the most aesthetically.


i have changed my mind, im thinking about getting a speeder 2 and a protostar



Supernova or Genesis???

lol, i wonder why…


get the di base the grinds are amazing and very stable and no vibe. but for the first time you just have to worry about the bearing seat being tight just get some pliers and pop in a kk.ten ball,twisted trefcta, crucial but overall greatest yoyo for the price.