looking for a good yoyo

im looking for a really good yoyo that has a high spin time, great balance, and is well weighted. i have a high experience level and dont care for high prices. all the yo-yos i look at all say the same thing: “one of the smoothest yo-yos on the market. great spin time. good performance.” I dont know which yo=-yo to get cause they all look the same!

That is because it is true. All yoyos play well. The aspects that differentiate them is their size, shape, weight, material, finishing, etc. In that sense, no yoyo is better than the other. To find a yoyo that is best for you, you have to make sure it fits your preferences. A yoyo can be best for one player, but not for the other. I suggest you list your preferences so that the best yoyo can be selected.

^I agree.
The amount of high-end yoyos out there is overwhelming, and, like Cinimod said, they all play very close to the same. It’s the specifications that make it different from others. If you like smaller yoyos, then look into those, or heavier ones, etc. I know we have both been completely unhelpful in making a decision, but hey, its the truth.

and the super g and pyro both have way differant shapes, finishes, bearing sizes, response, price, sizes and weight, so its all up to you, do you like full sized yoyos or not, h shape or not, metric or C bearing.

personally i would get the super g, less expensive, i love the acid washes and the h shape

I would get the Genesis its more accomplished than the super G and i feel is a lot smoother