Good Full Sized Yo-Yo?

what are some yo-yos that can take layers of string and hold spin time?

Pretty much all yoyos with a large bearing fit this category.


how much are you willing to spend? the Dark Magic two is a full sized yoyo that can take many layers of string, and the spin time of the DM feels, effortless. If you willing to spend abit more, the OneDrop YoYo’s Burnside would also be worth looking at. a DNA or Mutant DNA would be good to consider as well.

But like Cap’n-A said, almost all fullsized Larger bearing yoyos have awesome spin times and can take many string layers.

i have a dm2 and a dna i’m just looking for suggestions for tech style yoyos and dont feel like dm2 and dna fit it. they’re a tad responsive once i hit a couple layers. in terms of price i’m willing to splurge to 150USD

super nova, super G, protostar, severe (if you can find one), genesis, most higher end YYFs

Code 1 (which I absolutly love, great spin momentum, grinds well, side effects if desired) heard good stugg about the code 2,

spyy ronin (does like to tilt a little, so be skilled for this one)

best bang for your buck will likely be the protostar… awesome throw, price aside, in this case i think my top recommendation would be the Code 1

What about other companies like clyw, turning point, 44:yoyorecreation, and other more “premium” companies?

check out the Positron from Turning Point … Marcus Koh used it to win Worlds last year.

i think I might go for a turning point solenoid, has anyone used a leviathan 2?

Ify ou want to spend the extra money, thats fine, but dont think that ill magically make you a better player. maybe a placebo effect at best.

i know it wont make me better…i’m looking for a new throw i’m not worried about how i play

You should be worried about how you play. Every yo-yoer should.

I don’t know. It sounds to me like the issue here is just working on a better, straighter, stronger throw.

There are a lot of amazing yoyos that meet these requirements. These yoyos also require a strong, straight throw.

You can spend Protostar/Northstar kind of money, or CLYW knid of money or more. I’d say get to a meet or something and see who will let you try what.

I buy a lot of yoyos because I like variety and mixing things up. Nothing has been as useful as my throw itself improving. Good yoyos help and are nice, but aren’t going to get me to the next level UNLESS I can get myself to the next level. Slowly but surely, I’m getting there.

Practice is a great idea obviously. I think you should be looking into centering bearings if you’re concerned about spin time loss due to string rub. As long as your yoyo has a decent sized gap, a centering bearing will have more effect on string rub than the yoyo’s design.

I meant that I’m not worried about being compaired to another yo-yoer

I’ve also worked on a stronger throw which has helped a lot

I totally agree… I also dont care how I compare to others… Everyone has Thier own style and their own pace they go with… Their own goal, spme try to compete… To some its just a hobby…Some have more time to spend looking at tuts after tuts… Some just love perfecting the things they already know… And some just throw because they can ;D