some general questions, please


  1. Is there a great quality / spin time etc. difference between for example a 888x, DNA, Noctu (I list them because i will buy one of these [i live in Germany]) and expensive yoyos like a 150 dollar leviathan or so ?
    I currently have a Hybrid Hitman, the difference between 888x, DNA etc. and the Hybrid Hitman is great instead, right ?
    I actually prefer the 888x because it is small and i have read that small yoyos spin longer and are faster, and i like it fast :slight_smile:
    I want a yoyo with hubstacks, if they doesn’t decrease the performance too much.
    and these yoyos, have they all bearing size c ? because i maybe want to replace the bearing with a ceramic bearing.

  2. how can I remove scratches, little holes etc. from the yoyo surface ? is there a repair-polishing or so ?

  3. the hybrid hitman, has it 2 “double o-rings” or “silicone o-rings” ? And what size is the axle, M or L ?

  4. For my bumble bee, I will take an “abec” or “spec” bearing, which is better for it (because bumble bee is made more for looping than for string tricks ?) ?

  5. What bearing size has the old henrys viper ? C ?

  6. Are 100 % polyester strings thinner than 50 / 50 strings ?

  7. Last question: is it hard to play with counterweights, and are those dices or balls the best counterweights ?


1: the difference is the shapes, and people have different preferences.

2:satin it

3:one rubber o-ring on one half and a starburst response on the other half.

4:abec is a rating scale. spec is a yoyofactory bearing. therefore you cant get an abec bearing. idea

  1. depends on how it was made

  2. CW is an entirely different style then 1a so it cant be compared.

I feel this could use a more in-depth response.

  1. How long a yoyo spins is dependent on your throw (to a reasonable extent, of course). Whether the yoyo is smaller or bigger usually has nothing to do with it’s spin time/quality. Smaller yoyos do tend to be a touch faster, though.

  2. You can satin and polish the anodize off to expose the raw metal like this:

There is no remedy that keeps the anodize on, though.

  1. The hybrid hitman, specifically, has one rubber o-ring on one half and a starburst response on the other half.

  2. You’ll want an “A” (small) sized bearing. Any one will do the job, as long as it is the right size. The SPEC is available in an “A” size. Since you are using it for looping I suggest lubing the bearing quite a bit so it is responsive.

  3. I do not believe it is a “C” sized bearing.

  4. If you are referencing the YoyoExpert strings here, they should be the same thickness.

  5. Don’t listen to CarlG. 5A is actually quite comparable to 1A, since they follow the same play mechanics besides the counterweight movement. You can use the same yoyo for 1A as you could for 5A, for example. The learning curve can be quite steep as you learn the basic concepts, though.

The duncan dice and balls are certainly the most popular counterweight. You really can’t go wrong with them.

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  1. The Genesis +, Skyline and Superstar, have they size C bearing ?

  2. what does satin mean ? my hybrid hitman has no anodize, just little holes/scratches.