YYF Bearings

So Im Probably goin to get a yyf dv888
should i get a small or large bearing?
and i think the stock bearing spins well
around 13 seconds on a flick am i right?

is it a good yoyo
i love it:)
i think ill get violet but i dont know if i should get small or large ???

but ye, ddoes the spec(stock) bearing have good spin times?

Get the Large Bearing. It has a bigger circumfrence making it spin longer can hold more strings and in my opinion smoother.

Either one. If you don’t have any small bearing yoyos, you could go with that to try it out. Many many people like small bearings much more than large bearings.

SPEC bearings a wonderful bearings. Many people think they are some of the best ones out there.

thanks but didnt it say that smaller allows tighter binds??
im really not sure

any1 else have an opinion?

i only have a hybrid hitman

and i would probably want the most spin time:)
thats what im really after
and i like the looks of the SPEC

whats the differences really?

No need for a double post.

Smaller can potentially allow tighter binds, but the large ones give tight binds anyways so that doesn’t really matter.

SPEC bearings are just made different. They play different. You’ll have to get one to real see what the differences are, unless somebody knows what they are and can say them.

AND like I told you a little bit ago, sleep time won’t matter. Whatever you get with the DV888 will sleep more than long enough to do tricks.

Small bearings actually spin longer. They have a smaller circumference, allowing the string to wrap around it more times. On a throw, this means more torque on the yoyo and thus, longer spin times.

small bearing it is :slight_smile:

thanks for the help
dv888 violet
small bearin:)
thin oil:):):slight_smile:

I was going to suggest Large Bearing, I like it way better. And small beraing doesn’t spin longer, that depends on your throw. So yeah… you can get a SB, but I would have gotten way more opinions before I bought mine. Do what you will.

The spin time difference doesn’t matter. They play a bit different, and some say that small bearings are more rewarding for experienced players. Try a large, or go for something new and get a small.