Ok, I have decided to get a Dv888 as my next yoyo. But, I need to know the difference between a large bearing and a small bearing. I want to know which one is better for string tricks and spin time. Please help!

the large bearing is mainly for 1a because it holds many layers of string and small bearing is mostly for 5a because it has good spins but i recommend large bearing it can be 1a and 5a

I personally like a small bearing. However, many people prefer the large.

The large can handle more string layers and has longer spin times, however, it can be hard to bind.

The small is very easy to bind, but it can’t handle too many string layers and doesn’t spin quite as long.

Here, I’ll help break down some differences for you.

Small Bearings

Small Bearings are smaller and narrower than large bearings. They have the tendency to spin faster and (Usually) longer, due to the fact that they have higher RPM (In short, the balls inside of the outer race make more spin revolutions in a shorter amount of time.) However, their gaps are noticeably smaller. Some people don’t like this because it ill snag on tricks that require many string layers, but at the same time, it also adds stability. Also, like DYonch mentioned, they give tighter, snappier binds (Due to the fact that the gap is smaller, and pushes the string closer to the response area, and the fact that the string doesn’t have to travel as far around the bearing as it would if it was a large bearing.)

Large Bearings

Large Bearings tend to be more popular than smaller bearings. They are bigger in diameter and width. Large bearings give the yoyo a much bigger gap. This makes the yoyo more unresponsive, and able to take more string layers. Their spins are usually at a more consistent speed. Due to the larger gap they cause, the yoyo will rotate to the side a little more as well.

It all comes down to personal preference. See if you can decide which one you think you’ll like better. :wink:

There have been many threads like this recently.

I have two large bearing dv888’s and I’m about to order a small bearing dv888 =]