Dv888: Small vs. Large Bearing

I dont know which one I want. Does the large bearing play different then the small bearing?

Small bearing will bind back easier, but i dont think small bearings can take as many layers of string without snagging.

I prefer large bearings.

I can layer a small bearing just like a large bearing.

I think since you are fairly new to yoyoing that you should stick with the large bearing though. Its the standard and most people like it. Once you get better you can go to the next level. Or you could find some people that yo around you and try their yo’s. Then you can make an educated decision on what to get.

The small bearing will have the spin accelerate faster when you throw it. It will also decelerate faster as you play. It will give you more feedback on what your doing wrong, and help you find the “right” way to do some things. Re-gens are also easier on small bearings for some people.

You know what, the bearing doesn’t do any of that. The response does.

The large bearing will work. I like small bearings better, though. Your decision.


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Im not that new to yoyoing. I’m almost done with the master level on here and i’ve been playing with large bearings for about a year now. So I was thinking maybe the small bearing will offer a different feel.

I have the small bearing dv888 and it does play a little different then large bearing yos. It mainly feels a more stable. It has schmoove rings and I think that the gap is big enough for all my tricks. I like it lot but I am interested in playing the large bearing version.

It will absolutely give you a different feel. Thing is this person is new so he/she won’t understand that feel.

Thing is this person is new so he/she won’t understand that feel.
You meant me?

How about you get a small bearing dv888, decide if you like it or not, if you don’t, I have a mint large bearing dv888 that I will trade for it.

I prefer small bearings myself. They seem to give the yoyo a more defined center of gravity during play, not to mention spin longer.