Whats the difference between getting a yoyo with a large bearing and a small bearing? Because some yoyos like the Yuuksta have a choice of large or small.


Small bearing yoyo will bind tighter. Large bearing yoyo’s are usually more stable. If you are new then just pick one. you need to find what you like.


Quite frankly I have a collection with a range of bearing sizes. Generally I find there is more than just the bearing that determines how much I like a given yoyo (or not). Weight, weight distribution, shape, response and feel on the string all come in to play. For me it’s hard to separate out the bearing size in all of that.


The only thing I’ll add is if you think you may want to eventually trade the yo-yo you might want to start with the large bearing. Most of the yo-yoing population seems to prefer them. It will make your trade audience a bit larger. I like both though.


Yes as vegabomb said most people(including me) prefer large bearings. I have nothing against them but small bearing yoyos for me tend to not be as stable and they sometimes bind during tricks with multiple layers of string. But if I were you I would still get small Because im guessing your fairly new and that will make binds easier and you will know what you want in the future.

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I’ll disagree. With small bearing yoyos, the string is closer to the actual center of spin, both sleeping and during tricks. It’s usually more stable, depending on the yoyo’s design to begin with, of course. More often than not, I feel that the small bearing version of any large bearing yoyo is more solid feeling on the string.


Personal preference and physics are two different things.

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And that’s why I’m not a psychologist.

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I never thought personal preference dictated how stable it was. Maybe I should just will my yoyos into being more solid.

Thanks for the advice!


I’m not trying to discredit you. I’m just going off of what I’ve been told by a physics college major student. If he’s wrong then I will recant my statement.



I some people say that small bearings are better for 5a, but I’m not to sure. I have also heard that smaller bearings spin longer because the string can wrap around them more times. I’m not sure if either of these claims are true so don’t take my word for it. In the end it is all preference.


Or a physicist.


rule of thumbs: if you have to ask, get the large bearing

I’m not sure why people say small bearings are better for 5A, maybe because of their size, the generate more momentum to move the CW around

but those debates of “what is better for so or so technique” are not really useful, as a good player can do anything with any given throw.

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I will say, your first comment isn’t really right to say. It’s just not worth saying at all, mostly because it doesn’t matter. Of course, people will still only consider large bearings, mostly because they are the most widespread option, or because “bigger is better”. I mean, that pretty much means a beginner, following your advice, shouldn’t start with a Dunca- wait.

Small bearings were largely considered to be better for 5a mostly because the Freehands and most Duncan yoyos had them. The pros were all using 'em, must be good enough for us.
Also, with small bearings, since the string is sitting closer to the center of spin, it can be more stable during the many “non-string hit” spinning tricks that are common in 5a.

Your last comment is absolutely correct, though it seems hypocritical coming from you, seeing as you were just saying large bearings should be the default.


here is my opinion… i hate opening bearings… thats why i play with my sheilds off, and clean them a little more often, and i dont have many yoyos with hub stacks… the fact that the bearing is smaller drives me absolutly nuts when it comes to maintainence and i wont settle on a smaller bearing

other than that, when it comes to play, what difference does a few centimeters make… if you can do it with a small bearing, then you should be able to do it with a large bearing, and vice versa


Sounds like preferences to me.

I have a Beysick and that has a small bearing. I’m not really liking that yoyo all that much. However, I have a small bearing bassalope and I am liking that one. I also have a bunch of Duncans and my favorite hands down is a modified FHZ. The rest of my stuff uses a C bearing for the most part.

So, I prefer the larger bearings for myself.