Main difference between Large Bearing and Small Bearing?

I am planning to buy a new yo-yo, however I want to know the pros and cons of a small bearing, and the pros and cons of a large bearing. Is there a HUGE difference that would affect play? Does the small bearing work with 5A as well? I’d like these answered! It would be very much appreciated.

Generally, most larger bearings are less responsive, but smaller bearings are better in other yoyos, and are preferred for 5A by alot of people.

There are no huge differences. Bigger bearings have less response and the string does “catch up” on the yoyo so much as a small bearing. But what yoyo are you getting? If you are getting a yoyo with a small bearing, go for it. There are no reasons to reject a yoyo because of the bearing size.

Well I think the main difference is probably the size of the bearings.

No, just kidding! ;D

I personally can’t tell the difference between them when I am yoyoing. It’s all just preference, and for me, I don’t really care. You would have to try some out to see what you like.