I've narrowed it down... and now I can't decide.

It was either the Frantic or the dv888. Now, it’s the dv888. I’m for sure going to get a dv888, but my brain literally hurts :slight_smile: over what size bearing to get. Please help me and vote. Tell me what one you have, why you like it. What’s the difference? Stuff like that. Thank you so much.


Large Bearing, I prefer it, it can take more string layers and spins longer in my opinion.

Does it bind easily, stable spin?

Do you do 1A more or 5A more?


Then go for the Large Bearing. It will spin longer and handle more string layers, but it will not have the bindability of the small bearing.

In Short…
The Large Bearing is ideal for 1A, and the Small is ideal for 5A.

I definitely prefer large bearings. They just feel better to me. The generally have larger gaps and can take more string layers without snagging, which I like. And usually small bearing= pads and large bearing= silicone, and I like silicone more.

I want a really easy bind, and a really stable spin. I don’t want to mod it at all. No knots after binding either. Smooth too. I hope this helps. Please base it off of these.

Large bearings have nice binds too.

Most yoyos (YYJ, YYF, many others) use a large bearing so if you want to be able to switch bearings out then get the large. If you want something different to have fun with and try out, get the small. http://www.theyo.com/yoyo/showthread.php?p=602516 That tells the different properties of both bearings.

Large bearing, I have a DV888 too. The large bearing is pretty good depending on your style. It pretty easy to bind (K-Pads). :wink:

Thank-you guys for all of your help. Based on what you guys said and the info and links you gave me. I’ve decided on a YYF Aqua Large Bearing dv888. Thanks again guys!