Large or small bearing for Dv888?

Well, I’m getting a YYF Dv888 and I’m not sure which bearing I want! Could you tell me which one sleeps longer, has better binds, can handle more strings…and then tell me YOUR preference? That would be awesome! ;D THANK YOU!!

Large bearings will probably end up spinning longer than small bearings, due to momentum. But small bearings have a higher maximum RPM.

Small bearings make the gap tighter, so binds are easier and tighter, because less of the string needs to be wrapped around the bearing before it winds up. Large bearings make the gap wider, so binds are slightly harder, and can slip sometimes. Small bearings definitely bind tighter when the yoyo is dying.

Big gaps = less stability and more gyroscopic precession = The yoyo will be turning and tilting more easily while doing tricks.
Small gaps = more stability and less gyroscopic precession = The yoyo will be more stable on the string.

I prefer large bearings, but I like tight gaps… Cough!Half Spec bearingsCough!

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Wow thanks! Could you tell me where to get a half-spec? And exactly what a half-spec is, lol?

You can get half spec bearings from yoyonation just go to the bearing section and click on the half spec.

I don’t think they are sold here.

They are basically just large bearings with half the width of a large bearing.

But what makes them special? What makes them BETTER? :-\

They spin just like a normal bearing, but some people just prefer tighter gaps. This makes the yoyo more stable, but might make the yoyo snag a lot and be responsive. Only recommended for yoyos with shallow bearing seats.

I like the large bearing more.

The larg bearing is smoother because its large with greater circumference. Bit since it has a larger gap it does take more effert to keep it from tipping. So just get a half spec solving both those problems. ;D :wink:

Or a kk will solve the gyro procession

Since the Dv888 has such a large gap it sholdn’t snag with a half spec.

And a KK shouldn’t be neccesary.


This is apples and oranges here. Try both bearings and see which one you like the most.

Another thing I play with one K-pad on my Dv888 (because it fell of not because I took it off) and it still has tight binds sort of most of the time. So if the half spec does happen to snag take off one of the K-pad.

However, I prefer small bearings.

Large bearings can handle more string “wraps” and small bearings are more stable. You can solve the stability problem with a KK bearing. The only real nice plus is that small bearing yoyos are a lot smoother… But the Dv888 is smooth already. By getting a CKK bearing, you give the large bearing yoyo all the pluses of the small bearing. KK = KonKave, CKK = Ceramic KonKave.

This is what YYE says about LB and SB-

Both are great choices, but once again I prefer LB.

I would, but I barely have enough cash for one Dv888! I can’t get two!

Pick up a Duncan?

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