Dv888 Small or Large bearing!?!


Well, everyone seems to drool over this yoyo, so I figure when I get me an all-metal I’ll make it this one.

The question is, should I get the small bearing, or the large bearing, and why? Which do you have?

And please don’t list the reasons in the shop section. I want to hear your own experiences. Explain. Pros and cons?


dude i dont have the small bearing but Im pretty sure it has something to do with the gap, but to tell you the truth i just got my dv888 wich was my first metal, and yes I didnt know if I was at my house or heaven…Thats how beautifull it is SO GET IT RIGHT NOW!!!

P.S the one I have is large bearing


If you are really into 5a regens then get the small bearing. Other than that just stick with the large bearing.

(Eleazar) #4

Large bearing.


If you have to ask, large bearing is what you want.


Alright, figured I’d wait for awhile until accumulating enough responses to my liking. I knew all the Dv888 addicts would rush in here to give their two cent about the yoyo in question.

The crowd has spoken, and apparently it’s large bearing for the win. So, I’ll make sure you get that when I grab one up. I’ll promptly add it to my list of yoyos. Thank you to everyone who posted!

(SR) #7

You will love it. The dv888 is absolutelly amazing, everything about it.


Yeah, it seems to be a fan favorite as far as metals go, and cheaper than most of them. It’s down on my lil’ notepad, so good as gotten… Eventually.