Should I get the small or large bearing DV888.I love the yoyo the size and I am just in love with the all around shape.I would probably get violet it looks awesome so post what [i]YOU like i want oppinions so small or large?

I haven’t tried either, but our opinions don’t really matter. If I say large, you’ll lean towards the large. If I say small, you’ll lean towards small. However, I will say this. Small bearings play somewhat differently from large, so if you haven’t tried the small, that could be something to do. But still remember this: if you don’t like it, you can probably trade or sell it.

Try the small bearing you might like it. If you don’t you can trade it for a large bearing. :wink:

ethir is good its prefernce u can always trade it

Can i ask a question about this then? how does the small bearing play differently compared to the large bearing?

HINT: use the search button. there are pages on this topic. :wink:

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I think the small bearing is better for 5a.