Is the dv888 small bearing 5A or 1a or both


WHat is the dv888 small bearing 5a or 1a


It’s both. Probably used more for 5A, but can be used for 1A. (preference if you like small or large bearing.)


its mostly for 5a but its alrite for 1a thats wat i heard if you want one thats both get large bearing


I’m not sure what you mean.

I like the small bearing for both 1A and 5A.

Some people like the large bearing because it can handle more string layers. I like the small bearing because of its bindability.

(Mark) #5

To add to DYonch, the small bearing allows the yoyo to bind back at slower spins.

Also, the large supposedly spins slower in the laws of physics because it needs to spin less to get the same power compared to a small bearing which would need to spins faster to equal the power. I don’t think this affects the spin time though.


It really doesn’t matter what style you do with each bearing size.

Look at a SPYY Pistelero, i have anever really sen one be used for 5A, but you can do it.

You also see people diong 1A with Freehand Zeros, but they’re spectacular for 5A also.

And I see people like Yosshi using large bearing SuperStars for 5A also.

So the answer is both.


I think both