Whats the difference from small and large bearing yoyos?

Whats the difference from small and large bearing yoyos? I have a Dv888 thats small bearing, i heard its good for 5a?

small bearing have long spin time but slow down faster on string tricks
large bearing have not as long spin time but are better with string tricks
i think i got it all :slight_smile:

Yes, small bearings have a faster RPM so they do spin longer, but they dont slow down on fast string tricks, since they are smaller the string layers slow it down more and it’s easier to snag on small bearings.

is it good for 5a

Neither are “better” at 5A but some people say small bearings do regens better.

Actually, i find that sb yoyos are more stable for 5a, so I would say they are better.

It’s all personal opinion, I honestly can’t tell the difference but that’s mainly because I never play 5A.

I’ve heard that since SB yoyos spin faster they are better at grinds, but the finish is important too…

Small bearings snag more on tricks where there are many layers of string in the gap.

It is true that 5a players use them a lot, many people like them because they will bind better than small bearings when the yo-yo is spinning at very slow speeds.


Small Bearing - Spins Longer But Can’t Handle Tons of String Layers

Large Bearing - Spins A Little Less But Can Handle Tons of String Layers

Well, in my experience small bearings bind very well at low rpms. I like small gaps so small bearings are fine for me. Also theoretically if you get the yoyo spinning faster then it would grind longer and be more stable.