C beraing or A bearing??

I would just like to ask the community what your thoughts are on large bearings and small bearings.
Does one or the other spin longer? Last longer? Feel better?
I’m quite new so i just want to see what people think

Thanks, Luke

SB Sleep Longer But Snag. LB Don’t Snag But Don’t Sleep As Long. LB’s Are Better IMO

The majority of people prefer LB but some say SB is better for 5A. I hate sB.

Small bearings (SB) or A type bearings give faster rpm and tighter binds due to smaller yoyo gaps, while Large bearings (LB) or C type bear are a popular choice because they give the yoyo a wider gap allowing for more complex string layering tricks and also give less snaggy play and binds.

hope this helps.

Small bearings are also used to set sleeping records and styles which require the yoyo to be more responsive. Large bearings are used for string tricks.

For me it all depends on the yoyo. My main throw is my Mayhem and that has a A-sized bearing. It is also my most unresponsive throw. I don’t think my Punchline would play right if it had anything other than a C-sized bearing. When it comes down to it, its all about preference.

I agree, it depends on the yoyo.

Neither will sleep longer. Any differences in angular momentum are going to be smaller than miniscule. Ask any physics major/professor.

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i like LB better but it is just my preference i love my minute and it is a small bearing SBs snag more i think

In my opinion, there isn’t really An accurate way to compare the two other to say that they’re different. Sure, there are basic differences like those listed above, but both bearings have t
a different feel.

Large bearings are overall easier to deal with. They are more forgiving, and are easier to land tricks with. Some people have trouble binding with large bearings if the gap is to big, but most reaponse systems work pretty wel, so you aren’t likely to have this problem. They tend to spin slower, but more consistent than small bearings. Because of these reasons, large bearings are much more popular.

Small bearings are, of course, smaller and they spin faster. A lot of players find small bearings snaggy, because they are less forgiving due to their smaller gaps and higher walls. Tricks are usually harder to land, and if you do something wrong in a trick, they are prone to binding up and hitting you. Small bearings are more difficult to master, but if you do, you’ll likely be a lot smoother and more skilled.

I prefer small bearings for their feel and challenge, but you may be different. The best way is to try both and see which one you like better.

An excellent compromise that only a few yoyo companies offer is the 5x11x5mm.
A little bigger diamiter then the A size and a little wider then the C size.
They spin forever and offer good stability and high yoyo speed.
All that I have seen come with 9 balls in steel and ceramic.

Small bearing yo-yos can be a little hit and miss for me, but then again, so can large bearing yo-yos. If a small bearing yo-yos isn’t set up just the right way, they can have some serious kick-back. You have to be careful with large bearings because most every manufacturer wants to have the largest gap.

I guess that you could say that I am not prejudiced toward either size.