What is preffered

Ok I am going to get a Dv888 and I want to know what is better Large bearing or small bearing?

None will be better. Its preference.

like paolo said it is your preference i personly prefer large bearing but each size has its advantages

Thank you it is extremely helpfull!

Well, the Large Bearing can take more string layers. The small bearing spins faster (there’s no noticeable difference) also, the small bearing supposedly allows you to bind with very very low rpms while if you had a large bearing, it would just not bind fully up.

Usually, people go with the large bearing because it is most popular and it is said to be smoother than the small bearing.

like the others said, it’s preference. personally, i would go with the small bearing. the small bearing gives tighter binds and a smaller gap which rewards more accurate players. the large bearing is more of the traditional size because it gives a wide gap giving the abilty to have nmore string layers.

Ok, which bearing size are you most used to throwing? Large or small?

well his favorite throw is pocket change i assume. this has siza which means small bearing. but going from a plastic to a full metal means going through a drastic change.

I am used to a large bearing because of my PGM 2 which was broken by my cousin so I guess a large bearing is for me

In that case, I’d go with the small bearing.

Broaden your horizons a bit.