Should I get the small bearing DV888 or the large?

I don’t know which one to pick. I already read the the descriptions saying the small are faster spinning and hte large are for more string layers. Any help?

Small bearings are smaller overall. So, they can handle less string layers. They spin faster, because of some random physics. Because of the smaller gap, they decrease vibe, and decrease gyroscopic precession, so they don’t turn around while you are yoyoing. Because of the small gap, they can still provide tight binds when the thing is spinning slowly. They can however, give less sleep times, because the small gap can make it easier for the string to rub against the response.

Big bearings are bigger overall. So they can handle more string layers. Because of the wider gap, there is a higher chance of vibe, and gyroscopic precession. Because of the big gap, it can be more unresponsive. It can also give better sleep times, because of the wide gap, making it easier to prevent the string from rubbing against the edges of the yoyo.

EDIT: I’m not sure which one should have a bigger RPM actually ???

EDIT: Yup, smaller should spin better, thanks JM!

All preference, but when it comes to bearing sizes you can choose by the style you play. Do you like complicated string trinds with a lot of layers, such a Ladder Escape, or do you like string tricks with not many layers, like Plan D?

Ladder escape doesn’t have many string layers, you are always only landing on 1 string. Ladder escape IS easier with a smaller yoyo though, not sure about the bearing.

Well, that was thge best example I could think of at that moment. Do you have a good idea of a string trick with a lot of layers?

I’m thinking Kamikaze, Re-cycle, Skin the gerbil and thats all i could think of ???

Quadruple lindy loop :stuck_out_tongue:

Large bearing, Johnny, cause you usually play 1a.

Or, get a SB, for variety.

Small bearings are smaller in diameter. They don’t decrease the size of the gap.

Small bearings are very easy to bind, but cannot handle large amounts of string layers and sleep for less time. They are great for 5A, so if you want to start or work on 5A, I would recommend the SB.

It does decrease the gap.

Small: 5x10x4
Big: 6x13x5

Haha, I guess it does. I’ve never noticed it though.

Smaller objects will always have a higher RPM if the same amount of force is used. The difference is that larger bearings carry more momentum.