will any one help me find a good yo for me?

ok i am looking to Trade my 09 888 that is near perfect but i needed to know what i should ask to trade it for and what i would like.
these are the things i like in a yoyo.

Size:large and wide
Shape angular or h shape(im alright with anything really…)
smooth:very ;D
material:aluminum or delrin :stuck_out_tongue:

i have just got a new breed and i love the shape

things i have considered
Dif Tank

thanks for look a/ohelping :wink:


These guides can help you:

It all depends on what you like
1a: dark magic ( Its heavy & wide without over doing it)
2a: all 2a yoyos are pretty cheap
3a: velocity
4a: big yo (might be too big)
5a: throw monkey (heavy but not as wide as it could be but its large & duncan which in my opinion is the best brand)

Wait, wait, wait…how would the Big ben be good for 3A?? Its so big they would hit each other onece you threw both of them.

This seems good.

if you like the h shape the g5 and its a little on the big side

Big and heavy right? Smooth, and any shape.

Well, Smoothness varies among players, but:

The DNA is supposed to be and Over sized 888. It’s said to be smooth (according to André) and it has a good shape.

I have to go with SuperStar or HF.

SuperStar is big, heavy, H-shaped and DEAD smooth.

I can’t say that much about the HF, but it is said to be one of the better delrin models out there. It is a little bit expensive in relation to other delrins out there, but it is cheaper then the SuperStar.

I don’t know that much about Difs, but the Tank is said to be really great.

I don’t really get why you posted the Axiom since it’s fairly small. So it’s far from the best choice. Atleast switch the option out with a Meteor. It’s pretty light but it is a lot bigger than the Axiom.

G5… This is one thing I can’t really say anything about. It does fit your preference though, so go ahead if you want to.

But again, SuperStar and HF seems to be the better choices. The HF is round-ish so if that turns you off than don’t buy one. But if you really like the New Breed, HF is a pretty good choice.

Addment: The Tank won’t do you bad. They are a bit underrated from what I’ve heard.

Hmm… I would recommend the Dif-E-Yo IT or the YoYoFactory Superstar. (The IT is the same size and weight as the Tank, but wider. Also, unlike the Tank, the IT can be siliconed.)

The Superstar is a bit bigger than the IT (Superstar = 56mm, IT = 53mm) They are about the same width, but the Superstar’s gap is a little bit wider. The Superstar is 69 grams with the hubstacks on, and 66 grams with the hubstacks off. The IT is 67 grams without its weight rings, but with its weight rings, it’s a whoppin’ 75 grams! The Superstar has an H-Shape, but the IT has a regular butterfly shape. Both are dead smooth, and both are aluminum. The Superstar is anodized, and the IT is usually raw (There’s an anodized version still for sale elsewhere.) And finally, the Superstar comes with a YYF SPEC bearing, and the IT comes with a KonKave bearing.

The Superstar is a great yoyo, you can’t go wrong with it. The IT, however, is extremely underrated. You never hear about the IT as much as the Superstar. Both are excellent players, so you can’t make a “wrong” decision. I hope this information helps with your choice! :slight_smile:

The IT comes stock with stacked Dif-pads (1 thick, 1 thin). These stacked pads are together flush and very thick, so the recess is 0.45 inches deep and siliconable.

Just pointing this out.

Addment: The IT is a great yoyo though. I personally found it a little awkward to hold though.

I would say G5. It has that H-Shape you want, it is wide, and the string barely touches the edges, I would consider it about heavy, it is metal/aluminum, and is VERY smooth on the string. :wink:

I would say the superstar, it’s big and heavy. :wink:

The Superstar from YYF is a very good choice. Extremely smooth and good weight dist. Very long spin times. :wink: