2nd Place RI States 1A - Michael Ferdico

Let me know what you think!

i really liked it, is that a super g your using, cause i was thinking about getting one? anyway great job, i like the grind in the begining:) very nice! how long have you been throwing? iv only done this thing for about 7 months, i have a video for my dark contest entry, no one has replied could you? Again GREAT JOB!

Thanks! Here I’m throwing a Catalyst, actually, but if you look at my Dark Contest or NER videos, I’m throwing a Super G in both of those. It’s a very nice yoyo, but you might want to also try a Genesis and see which one you like more. They’re pretty similar, but they feel a bit different in motion and on the string.

I’ve been throwing for 10 years on and off. I’ll check out your Dark video!

thx : ;D

how do u like the catalyst? is it better than the super g?

I really, really like the Catalyst, but they’re a bit hard to compare. For one thing, I run a flat bearing in my Super G and a Center Trac in the Catalyst, so that might be part of it. But I feel like the Catalyst is a little bit “higher stakes” — it’s a much faster yoyo, but it’s a lot less stable and forgiving, especially on horizontals. The Super G was actually the first “modern” (post-2008) yoyo I got, and I feel like it really helped me step my game up.

Overall, it’s a tough call, but if you’re newer you might want to lean toward a Super G or Genesis rather than a Catalyst. If you have a chance to try them all out first, I’d definitely say do that and see how you feel.