CRAP! (read) no supernova, so burnside?


:o lol they might not have the supernova so I was thinking about getting a Burnside instead. I was going to get an avaanche but for some reason they raised the price… A lot. So I was thinking about the Burnside instead. Even if they do have Te supernova im still going to try both (why not). So yeah, do you think the supernova are (for the most part) even in play? I know the supernova can’t grind but can the Burnside? I might try it out because I’ve never grinded before :-.i love the shape of the suerbova, thats an H shape right? If so, is the Burnside H (that won’t change my opinion that much… I just hate normal butterfly.and I would like it if the Burnside was 63g-69(lol)g thanks guys :slight_smile:

(SR) #2

Wait wait wait.


What exactly do you need?


Translation from excited-ese:

“They” (not YYE presumably) don’t have the Supernova in stock, so he might decide to get a Burnside instead of sourcing a Supernova elsewhere (cough cough ). Is the Burnside comparable?

Well, it’s not the same yoyo, that’s for sure. Nobody in their right mind would call one “better” than the other, so if that’s what you’re hoping for you’re out of luck. They’re cost, quality, and performance peers.

The Supernova and Burnside are both kinda “H”-ish. Not to an extreme like the Super G, but H-ish nonethless. The One Drop finish will grind better, but honestly I wouldn’t worry that much about it.

I still say find and buy a Supernova. It’s what you’ve been after this whole time, so why settle?


I have not played a Supernova but I own a Burnside. It is a great competition yo-yo and the level of play you get for the price is amazing. It is one of the three I take to work with me on a regular basis, the others are my Yelets and Summit.


Just get the supernova already… 8)


When in doubt, let the one with the nicer looking ano come home with you.



It sounds like you’re in the “Analysis Paralysis” trap. You could change your mind 100 times in the next week if you over-think it. Supernova, Burnside, Ava – they’re all awesome, just go for one, and don’t look back!

Take comfort in the fact that you made the best decision given the information you had at that time.


Your opinion will change in a week. I was like, “Code 2! no Cascade! nevermind, Avalanche!, Chief!” :stuck_out_tongue: Just go for the one you’ve wanted longer. If you wanted them the same amount of time, just get the cooler looking one.


If you’re forced to get the Burnside… get, what a tragedy…

Seriously, the Burnside may be a budget One Drop, but that’s because no side effects lets the cost be lower. This is one of my favorite One Drops.

In general, you’re in a “like for like” category as all three are similarly shaped and weighted


I got my first burnside yesterday, and it is awesome! Before you even throw it, it feels solid and dense. That’s about how it plays. It is more of a slower, steadier yoyo, with loads of stability and rim weight. Still never used an Ava, but I have used a Supernova. The supernova seems to be faster and lighter, but less stable.