Burnside or Supernova?

Now that the Supernova is down to $85 it’s right up against the Burnside…so what’s your opinion between these two yoyos? Which one do you prefer?

Wish I could say I’ve played both, but I only have a Burnside. I got my Burnside as a result of seeing so many positive mentions of it on forums, and in my opinion the positive buzz is well earned.

The Supernova doesn’t seem to be as popular, though I’ve read mentions of the yoyofactory contest team liking it. I’d like to see a nice “vs” comparison from someone who owns both. The $85 model is made in china though, so there may be some differences from the original Supernova. We might have to wait a while until some people have the newer china model.

I dont have the burnside, But I do have the Supernova, and Its one of my favorites! It spins real good, and does everything you want it to… I have a hunch grinds are better on the burnside tho, but the supernova is good with grinds too… based on the shapes they should play very simularly, but i dont recall at the moment if the burnside uses side effects which you may find desirable (personally, I dont like weight in the center)

really, you could justify either of these… take another look at their specs, colors, prices, …

Burnside for sure!

The thing is though, they have pretty similar specs besides the width. Price is exactly the same too, and colors…well it doesn’t really matter for me.

2012 series Supernova is amazing. Much better than the previous version, in my opinion, and I’d take one over a Burnside any day.


Specs might be similar, but supernova doesn’t have the magic fairy dust that one drop uses.
Honestly The burnside is my second favorite yoyo ever.
And don’t you want to support products made here in the USA?

No brainier in my book.

When he says magic fairy dust, I think he’s referring to the burnside’s pyramatte finish.

Nope fairy dust may or may not exist.

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I really like both yoyos and have a supernova I would get the Supernova right now because of how affordable it is and how well it plays for the price.

First and for most: Biased opinion here. Figure I’d say that before anything.

Both the Onedrop Burnside and the Yoyofactory Supernova are both extremely great yoyos versus many out there today. Both can do practically anything out there to this day and thus it is based on certain preferences like: brand loyalty, finish type, preference of response,

The Onedrop Burnside uses the pyramatte finish which allows for far better grindability compared to the Supernova from which I understand has a Shiny type of coating that does not seem to be great for grind-like tricks. However, ascetically speaking, The coatings for the 2012 edition are very bright and noticable offering splashed versions of the Supernova. The Burnside ascetically is meant to be minimalistic for its colors and engravings like other Onedrop products. It costs more to get splashed version since those are reserved as “special editions”.

Both throws honestly are pretty equal on a variety of things: The feel of when playing with them due to the rim weight placement, Both at 56 dia, Both at the 67 gram mark.

But then there is also differences yet miniscule applied truth as to which is better over the other. The supernova uses the famous spec bearing while the Burnside uses the famous 10 ball bearing. The Supernova uses the slim CBC pads versus the Burnside using the flow groove pads. From personal experience using both, the bearings have a definite different type of “feel” when playing with them but the 10 ball simply feels…smoother. The pads…again both have a different type of feel in my opinion. In my honest opinion the CBC pads feel rather slippy and the Flow groove pads have a rather snappy binds. Also note: the grooves for any OD product can be siliconed with the use of any silicone versus YYF products that seem to depend on the pad. I’ve always had issues siliconeing YYF products because of the shallow depth of the groove.

The Supernova has a obvious difference. The step-in, which supposedly is useful for keeping the string against the sides. The Burnside has a inward curve similar to the Code1 that fades directly into the rim which also helps for keeping the string from tipping/turning.

Then there is a the final thing I will say: Do you want to support a company that has their product made in China, versus a company that hand makes their product here in the US?

Both are great throws, but its up to you.


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I would agree with everything zammy had to say. I have both and both are good yoyos but if I had to pick only one I’m going burnsides over supernova.

Actually, you can silicone YYF throws as well

I only have one problem with Zammy’s post. He didn’t talk much or any at all, about how they played against each other. Mostly US versus china kind of stuff and comparing OD to YYF and you can put a 10ball bearing in the supernova and a spec in the burnside if you so feel, hehe.

I am taking no sides with companies, I am going on how they play here.

Supernova all the way.

The burnside was just very underwhelming to me, dissapointing actually. It is good but it didn’t have enough stability for me and it lacked a bit of spin time. The supernova that I had was made of 7075 aluminum so that is the only one I can talk about, I think the metal diffrences may make a diffrence in the 2012 version.

The supernova’s metal made it seem lighter than it actually was and I allways felt the burnside was very slow and I could push it to go fast but it allways wanted to slow down on me. Not good for when you want to go into another gear on a impulse. The supernova did better during horizontals and had more stalibity and more spin time. Also it is a bit wider so it is easier to hit on the string but not too wide where you start to slip on your performance if you switch to another yoyo.

The burnside excells at grinding, that is for sure. I think the 2012 version supernova will be able to grind, unlike the 7075 metal version of the supernova since the metal is more suited for annodizing and blasting so I don’t think that will be an issue for you there.

I honestly have nothing bad to say about the supernova and it is probably in the top 4-5 of the yoyofactory line up. YYF does things i do not agree with and then they do things I like. I also have met David and Shaun from OD, wonderfull guys and very generous and they make you feel really comfortable when you go to the shop. Very glad to have met them.

I am solely going on performance here and I say the supernova takes the cake, hands down.