Supernova-Burnside Comfort Comparison

Hi all.

I would just like to ask which of the two are more comfortable to use.

I’m looking for something stable, comfortable and something with good momentum, just that these two are in my eyesight right now.

Other choices I’m looking at are Avalanche, Model10, Summit.

Any comments regarding the yoyos are welcome as well.

The supernova is more comfortable in my opinion because the rims are much less sharp and flatter. It feels lighter through combos as well. the burnside is smoother and quieter on the string and on grinds.

I say get a Square Wheels royale. Although I haven’t played it I’ve heard it’s super comfy in the hand and is just an all around great yoyo.

But out of the yoyos you said above, get the Supernova as I found it slightly more comfortable in the hand than the burnside, but if you want a better player get the burnside.

If you want comfy, Supernova
If you want player, Burnside
If you want both, Royaleeeee.

Seconding the royale. Throw in a trifecta
Use some high quality string.

Thanks for the recommendations and opinions. I’ll be checking the Royale as well.

Am I the only one who thinks to himself “with cheese” every time he sees the name “Royale”?

The Royale is a really comfy throw, though probably not as competition-oriented as the Supernova.

No. No you’re not. :slight_smile:

The Burnside isn’t a particularly comfortable yoyo, but it’s an incredible performer.