summit vs supernova vs burnside?!?!?!

im clueless. ???
I like to play in the middle of fast and slow, but im still learning tricks:-.ive admired the supernova for sooo long (since i started yoyoing) and ive always wanted one! ive read and seen countless reviews on it. ive read reviews about the summit and it seems awesome, and the burnside, read a review and he compared it to another yoyo (that i have ) and it seemed better than the yoyo that i have :wink: . I can also maybe get an arctic circle…
I like lonnnggg sleeping yoyos, kinda stable. and heavy (lol and cool looking 8) but idc about that)
( i dont know why i used so many faces ;D )

Any of them… they are all really great, not a single one is better than another, but they are all very different. Just get whatever one you feel like you want (looks coolest, had best review, ect.) and you wont be disappointed.

He’s right. Get whichever one looks coolest to you. They are all winners

A C3 Berserker Rx

Agreed, you can’t go wrong with those choices. I might lean to the Burnside or Summit if it were my choice.