what yoyo should i get for my birthday?


Please help me! I don’t know which yoyo I want, so I thought to ask the general public! I want your personal vote on this. Thanks!

(kclejeune) #2

You should get a summit :smiley: But for real, you can’t buy a BAD yoyo nowadays if its past $50…


I would say Sakura SE or Summit, but I voted cascade because that is the one I would get between the 2.


I have owned both, the arctic circle is great and all, however I found the cascade to be a bit better for a whole $40 less.


I say Cascade. I owned one for a while and it’s still in my top 3 yoyos.


I just added the summit to the voting because you and someone else recommended it ;D


What are your preferences?


I haven’t tried the arctic circle. Tried a cascade 1ce, and the summit like 7 times.

the summit is really really good. Its smooth (it comes stock with a onedrop 10 ball bearing) and it has one of the best response pads (CLWY aqua), the shape is really nice. But the shapes are different, so if you lke hourglass, get the cascade, If you like h shape, get the summit.


I like string tricks, but i’m only in advanced part 2.


ok, is the yyf supernova h shape? because I really like the shape of the supernova


I think the Supernova can be considered H or V shape, but either way, the Supernova shape shares a few traits with the Summit. I think the Summit is your best bet.

Oh yes, and when we ask for your preferences, we mean to ask what you like in a yoyo. Fast or slow? Solid or floaty? Undersized or Fulll size? What shape? Stuff like that. Most of us figured you were doing 1A/string tricks. No matter, I would choose the Summit.


Alright everyone thank you for helping me out! I got a summit and I love it!Again thank you! :slight_smile:




There’s always this one guy…


Yup… Lol



Now blow out the candles and make a wish.

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I see what you did there…


I recommend that you hang on to your money for the Yeti.

And with left over money, but a Mid-Priced aluminum throw.

My personal opinion.

Out of the options you gave though, probably the Cascade…