What is the best yoyo?

I know that there is no “best yoyo”, but in your opinion, what is the best yoyo?

In my opinion, the best yoyo is the one that you can do your best tricks on.

But my personal Favorite right now is the Yoyojam Surge or Trigger.

The best one is a mix of your favorite, and one that’s appropriate for the situation.

The best yoyo, in my opinion, is always going to be “my next one.” That’s what I tell my wife each time I make an addition to the collection. :wink:

But this does create a problem; How will I know when I find the best when the best is always the next one? I guess I’ll just have to keep acquiring yoyos. :-\

Whichever one you think is best.

the one that lets you do this


if your looking for a good yoyo thats cheap i would say the YoyojamSurge i mean its only 16bucks and you can do stuff like this with it

Is that Telefon Tel Aviv in your vid? Sounds like it…

The best yoyo for me, right now is the SPYY Solaris(I think that accurately answers your question of the best yoyo in your opinion). I had one a while ago, traded it and have missed it ever since. This time I got an amazing color way and this yoyo just really makes me want to throw it constantly!

The best yoyo is the one in my mind, that hasn’t and probably never will be created… Extremely long spin times, very fast but controlled, stability beyond belief, great regens, extremely forgiving, dead smooth, amazing horizontal, 10+ second grinds with a deep igr that hooks onto your finger with no effort. And lastly, use side effects and ta-tas…

Ya know, I made a post like this when I first started… I think it was the worst post I’ve ever posted.
Your asking what we think is the best. I haven’t tried the more expensive ones, I’ve tried a little but cheaper ones, like catalyst, supernova,H.O.T.,dv888, monster, and summit. Im sure there are more, but to me, I think it’s the summit, and maybe the supernova when I try more, i will think it’s something else.

The only thing I can think about is the thought of the yo-yo accidentally snagging and bind at that moment.

Hnnngh, the feels.

My personal favorite is the summit. Others may disagree. I’ve tried everything and it just fits me like a glove. It’s perfect IMO. However, I know people who didn’t care for its feel as well, so it’s all preference.

I suppose you are asking our own favorite yo-yo. The 888 is my woman. Undersized, heavy, and smooth :wink:

Crucial Dulce, nuff said

Summit is on the expensive side… Solid throw there, lots of positivity.

The Su.mut and Ava are the most expensive throws I’ve tried. The Ava is my friends and I can try whatever yoyo I want at a store in downtown (of my city) so I’ve tried a couple…