For my birthday I’m getting a go-kart and one expensive yoyo I’m planning on getting a cascade,a avalanche,or a narwhal wich one should I choose




my vote would be avalanche, but you can’t go wrong with any of them.


Out of those three, I agree with him. But for around the sane price you can get something sooooo much better! Like a summit, chief, arctic circle, etc. I’d recommend the summit.
for some reason, I absolutely hated the avalanche… So think about it, cuz you might waste money on a yoyo you hate…


I already have a chief so I’m leanings toward the gnarwal or summit


Avalanche, butif thatsyour price range, i recommend a Summit



I would also recommend the yelets (its not for everyone but its an awesome little throw)


Avalanche. I’ve tried many, many things and I still believe this to be one of the most well-rounded yoyos (no pun, sorry) you can buy. I like the Cascade and the Gnarwal, but neither would be one of the last in my case if I were liquidating. The Avalanche likely would.


My price range is probably 170 or 160 dollars ill have to ask my parents first that’s just a guess so just about any yoyo from clyw or one drop and I don’t know if it helps my two favorite yoyos are chief and yoyofactory monster


get a yyr mr butcher 165 or anything general yo or yyr


If your price range is $160-$170 get a YYR. They are known for the best playing throws out there. Even though they don’t have the all mighty Sleipnir, the Gleipnir is still great from what I heard. If you want a smaller throw they have the Messiah, also maybe you enjoy larger throws they have the Overdrive all great throws in your price range!

I have not actually tried a YYR, but I’m ordering a Gleipnir very soon.


I’ve always wanted to try a messiah.


Avalanche for sure, of the three. I do not enjoy the Cascade or Gnarwhal nearly as much. The Cascade grew on me a bit, but that Gnarwhal…is just not for me at all. I agree with those who recommend the Summit for you. You will have an Avalanche/Cascade hybrid in the Summit. I like the Summit more than the Avalanche too.


yyr only cost $75 w/ $13 shipping for a six, old (I believe delrin) aeronaut, messiah, dreadnought, or z-on, or about $30 + shipping for a diffusion or the new aeronaut. No disrespect intended, but yye is a bit overpriced on them.


I can only compare the Gnarwhal and Avalanche. Gnarwhal is a pretty fun small yoyo (not tiny, just compact) but it’s just that… a “fun” throw. The spin time and stability is what you would expect from a smaller yoyo, but that’s about it.

The Avalanche is a wonderful yoyo. As mentioned, extremely well rounded. Everything you need it to do, it does. As a bonus, it has a significantly different feel compared to the Chief you already own. Not as significantly different as the Gnarwhal (which is in a whole other category), but trust me, you will not mistake one for the other. :wink:

If it gets narrowed down to those two, I’d recommend the Avalanche.


I’ve had both the gnarwhal and the Ava. Both played great but since you already have a fullsized chief you should get the gnarwhal


Summit FOR SURE! Don’t even think about the f-Ing avalanche, cuz the summit is the baby if the avalanche, and the father is the cascade. Its amazing, + you get side effects.


I’m starting to want the summit or sleipner


YYE YYR Overdrive is a good deal at $165. Splashed YYRs are usually 18,900Y, which is over $190 these days, so it’s priced really well. Looks amazing, and guarantee you’ve never played anything like it.



i have all 3 … and by far its my fav