Should I get C3's Gaia, The Summit, or The Ringmaster first?


I’m saving up for a new yoyo. Should I buy C3’s Gaia (I’ve been really wanting to start off-string), the Summit (I’d really like a really good string trick yoyo), or the Ringmaster (Good for string tricks and 5A)?


I would recommend getting a Summit. I haven’t thrown one before but based on the reviews, it seems like a solid throw.

Also, if you’re just getting started on 4a, you should get something cheaper like a Go Big. It’s durable and cheap.

Hope this helps you bro!


Exactly what I was going to say. The Summit should also be good for 5a. Also, I would get the Go Big for a first offstring yoyo because it can do everything you want it too, is durable and spins for long.


This is just my opinion, but if I were you, I would get the Gaia, simply because you probably have lots of 1A throws already. Why not branch out a bit?


Get the Gaia and a Ringmaster. I’m guessing you can since you could’ve bought a Summit.


Totally agree with these two.

the summit is one of the best yoyos I’ve ever tried. Its super smooth, plus it has a stock 10 ball bearing. It has clyw response pads (aqua) which are awesome.

Its just a great throw, you COULD use it for 5a, and yes, get something like a go big for off string :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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The summit is my all time favorite throw… I’ve thrown almost every OD, CLYW, GenYo, ILYY, and YYF to date, if that shows you how good it is IMO.


I kinda doubt that, but oh well.


I would be willing to bet money on it

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I as well. There’s no way in heck.

I’ve been throwing for 4 years, and I haven’t even gotten to try everything I’ve wanted to try, even though I’ve tried hundreds of yoyos. Sparhawk’s been throwing even longer than I have, (7 years total I think) and it’s probably the same for him. I even live in SoCal so I can try pretty much anything due to how much yoyo stuff happens here, and I know I haven’t even conquered the tip of the iceberg yet.

Nice try though my friend.


I think you should get a krown, though yeah a summit is good but not a yoyo I would care for.


truly it think the summit is too expensive for 5a i tried one and really if you ding that thing your going to be upset. So I would just go with a ring master in that case.


So how does the ILYY Verve play?

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It’s a good yoyo. Not really my thing because it’s smaller than I’m comfortable with, and a lot lighter too. So like it could be a nice carry around throw, but I wouldn’t use it in competition because it’s too light and too small.


Try to stay on track. If you want, keep this over PM.


My bad :-[

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So I’ve re read the thread since I only replied to the thread quickly when I had wifi briefly the other day. I didn’t see the other posts… I would like to clarify I haven’t tried ALL of them. I was super tired when I wrote that and meant to write ALMOST all, which is indeed factual. I’ll edit the post. Sorry for confusion!


I’ll still disagree with that
Considering the amount of versions ILYY has for each yoyo they release along with the GZR editions OD’s I would doubt you come close with those. Then you have many of the classic yyf’s like the hype/hoax/fad and grind mutant 2 that I highly doubt you’ve touched.

I will state that of the 3 yoyos listed the summit does indeed seem like the best choice but there’s many others I’d choose over it

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Hype/hoax/Fad are the same if I remember right. I have used a Grind mutant 2, it was a while ago and I forget where. It is indeed very rare and I was privileged to be able to use it. I have used all the DESIGNS (that have been released) of onedrop, not all the editions. Same for ILYY, I haven’t used all of the special editions. And the original Sakura… I’ve only used the Side effect version. I have tried the GZR cascade, but not the burnside. I also haven’t gotten my hands on a Chik, since it just came out. Keyword in my original post post is ALMOST (which I was dumb enough to leave out the first time). For real, I’m not lying to you here. The summit just clicks perfectly with my play style.


K guys, this is kinda getting out of hand. I also didn’t really believe him, but how the heck would I know? Maybe his life is to travel the nation trying yoyos for all we know. Its no big deal, lets not like “take over” this thread…