your opinions: Summit, Av, which one? (+ opinions on, the HOT welcomed!)

I am going to buy a YYF HOT, how do you guys find this one? is it considered a hi end?

and i’m hesitant between a Summit and an Avalanche(OG version)

regardless of the price, which is best ? (btw i already own 2 avalanches so it would be my 3rd lol )

i heard the summit had it’s weight centered while the av is heavier on the sides, (which is true imo)
i enjoy the avalanche feel a LOT, is the summit a step up from it in terms of quality?

Summit? Avalanche?
is the summit worth all the hype?
i’m asking serious yoyo player not huge fanboys owning 2/3 clyws


The HOT is definitely a high end yoyo.

If you already own two Avalanches, go for the Summit. I don’t particularly like the Summit, but if it is between a third Avalanche or your first Summit, go for the Summit.

So you are definitely getting a HOT, and you want to know if you should also get a Summit or Avalache, right? Or are you asking if you should get the HOT, Summit, or Avalanche, like the title says? Your post was kind of confusing.

And the Summit isn’t worth the hype IMO, and I am not a CLYW fanboy, LOL.

thanks a bunch for your answer man!

(modified my confusing title)
yea im getting a HOT for sure, there is so little info about this throw it’s mad, just want to know what u guys think.(getting it anyway)

and i might just go for that summit…thanks commenting-dude-not-being-a-fanboy… :slight_smile: but if u say it’s meh…any other throw i can consider? XD

Went back through YYE’s list and these are gonna be my recommendations with it going from favorite to least favorite from the top to bottom

Although the Octave 1st Gen is my least favorite I think it will fit your preferences most

'ill consider those as well, thanks for your search man, the electric flash looks neet

I prefer the avalanche over the summit. Summit is an amazing throw, just not my style. I still love playing with it once in a while.

At the end of the day, any one you pick you will love.

Good luck!

wait!no! don’t go yet!:frowning:

tell me more as to why you prefer the av over the summit, i already have 2 av, maybe im better off with another one(different color) rather than a summit!!

make a clash between the 2 throws! please

The avalanche is a smaller version of the summit. When throwing, it has the same feel, but a little more “nimble”, with the same stability. Summit is super wide, but a great throw.

If you did not have either, get the avalanche. Since you already have 2, get the summit, or something else.

The Nile, prestige, bvm2, chief, quake, the list goes on and on.

Is all comes down to your preferences. Best bet is to try one at a club and see if you like it.

Good luck!:slight_smile:


so you’re saying that the av is similar to the summit in a way, and that it kinda feels the same,
how would a chief hold up? would you consider one over the summit?

Oh yeah.

It’s all preferences though…

I stopped getting clyw, and went more general yo/smaller companies

I’ve owned a chief, actic circle and an Avalanche. The arctic circle was amazing but super borign to me. There was nothing unique about it. Tha valanche on the other hand was very comfortable and was my favorite shape of the 3 but the overall feel of the chief on the string was my favorite. It’s very unique and something you definately should try eventually. If you don’t like it you can always trade it since there’s always a demand for chiefs.

The electric flash is awesome as well though and different from all of clyw’s lineup in just how angular it is. I threw one at nats and loved how stable it fealt.