Summit vs Avalanche

Summit vs Avalanche…

c’mon people, i read the summit was a doper avalanche with cool side effects…i don’t think everyone agrees with that.
what do they have going for them?

Uh summit is way more stable, wider, spins longer for me, and is just all around more awesome. Avalanche is really good, don’t get me wrong. I just feel the summit outplays it.

Summit seems like a competition throw while the avalanche is a leisure throw. I find the shape of the avalanche much more comfortable and I like the floatiness of it on the string

Thank you I should’ve mentioned this. That being said, the summit has a decent amount of floaty, but not compared to the Ava.

I like the Summit but I love the Avalanche. If you want to change up the look and play go for the side effects. I personally feel the Avalanche is the most reliable throw.

I feel the exact opposite, the Ava is okay, but the summit… Mmmmm :wink:

I suppose this is why they make more than one yoyo…

Yup, another reason to try them both before buying.

Are we talking about the OG Ava or the new Ava? If were talking about the new Ava, it is floatier than the Summit, old Ava, not so much. I prefer the OG Avalanche over both the Summit and the New Ava.

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i have both ava, OG and new, i prefer the OG as well… plus being discontinued makes it even more of the legend it was when they still had the Kizstian Kalulza’s CAD

but nonetheless i bought a summit, i’m wondering how it’ll be compared to the 2 av i have…