CLYW or one drop

I have been saving up for a new throw for months. I have been looking at the cascade and the avalanche and have been planing on picking one up for myself…but I want both. So I started looking at the summit as well because they take the best of both of those throws and made them into 1 thow, but would choosing one of the 2 be better then choosing the summit itself.

Any of the three would be a fine choice.

The Summit and Avalanche have a similar profiles with the Summit being noticeably wider and feeling a bit more solid. It also has the addition of Side Effects which means you can mess with the weight a little if you get more SEs.

The Cascade has a more rounded profile and plays lighter than the other two. I find it the most fun of the three, but it’s all a matter of preference.

Agree completely with this post. You will be happy with any of them.

I would personally choose the Summit.

Cascade+Avalanche=Summit so if you want the Cascadeand the Avalanche get the Summit :smiley:

Well. Not exactly. The cascade and avalanche feel totally different from the summit.
Like. Completely and utterly different.

I don’t really like my summit. Too slow. If you want an avalanche most people seem to prefer the OG version. It’s heavier. More stable. Just Amazing. cascade seems to be the favorite onedrop tied with the code2. I personally like the puffin, and plan on buying a glacier express and and an arctic circle.
Hope this helps!

Yah, I hated the avalanche and loved the summit. But the summit had the same shape as the Ava, and same cup as the cascade. I think that’s what they mean.

you hated the avalanche? BLASPHEMOUS!!! In all seriousness, each to their own :smiley:
But yeah I would with go the summit (and I have all three and have played the new avalanche).

i LOVE the summit. very comfortable shape, and overall great throw.

I am going to throw a monkey wrench in here… wait for the Format:C. It I am a fan of all three of the yo-yos you have mentioned and all of them are great but the Format:C trumps them in my opinion.


I like the avalanche better than summit in my opinion . Go with avalanche it’s very floaty and stable but if u want one avalanche with weight get the og. The summit just wasn’t me.

Depends on your playstyle. I personally prefer the Cascade. Such a smooth throw and is just beautifully designed. Of the three, I believe it has the most pronounced personality.