I have narrowed it down to 3 (maybe 4), which to pick?


Im going to either be getting

Wrath (DS)
Cascade (OD)
Summit (OD and CLYW)

Also maybe considering Chief (CLYW) and Addiction (SPYY)

The only metal yo i own right now is the CODE 2, love it to death but its my yoyo i walk around with so it has a good bit of wear on it. I want an equal high quality throw but one that doesnt leave the carpeted rooms haha.

Any thoughts on how i should decide between these?


Summit or Wrath. Summit is the safer choice but Wrath, although riskier, may be better, up to you…


Owning all of those except the addiction, I say you can’t go wrong at all. They are all fantastic throws. If I were to rank them personally, it would go:

  1. Wrath
  2. Summit
  3. Chief
  4. Cascade

That is my own personal feelings, and others may feel different.


I’ve heard awesome things about the Wrath, but I have yet to try one. I own a Summit, and it’s pure amazingness. Smooth, se compatible… It’s perfect.


Cascade or chief would be my choices I enjoy both those throws


I’ve only tried the summit, but the cascade is a totally different shape between other yo’s, like the summit.

I’ve heard the wrath is a god. I’ve heard the chief is really good and I really liked the summit.

Look at the shapes when deciding.

(2Sick Joey) #7

The cascade is a great yoyo and one of my favorite One Drops. The summit is a little too solid and slow for my liking. The wrath would be my choice but in biased. It really is a good yoyo and all those extras make they buy worth it!


Wow, i almost didnt put the wrath on the list but im glad i did, that thing seems to be getting some crazy love. Can anyone compare it to the CODE 2? I kinda want something thats different then it but still really high quality.


Wrath is to thin 6/10

Summit is to heavy and rim weighted, cant change SEs or its to heavy didnt love it. All hype. 7/10

Cascade is just right, wide, light and fast. 10/10

(2Sick Joey) #10

The wrath is completely different than the code2. I own both and they are different yet both great. The wrath is super fast, stable, light, and overall a great yoyo. The code2 you know ha that solidity to it. The wrath was machined by one drop so you are getting that great quality high end yoyo.


Of the throws on your list, I have a summit and a wrath. You won’t regret either. I grab the wrath more often. I spent a great deal of time throwing it today, and will throw it again before the day is done. It is sitting right next to me on my desk. I am amazed how much I like it.


Cool cool, Its down to Cascade or Wrath. Its so hard to pick when only get one or two yoyos a year haha


Never having tried the Cascade, all I can say is get the wrath. I have thrown it for hours today. It is a true joy.

The real trick is learning to buy more yoyos. :wink:


I have a Code 2 and a Wrath, to answer a previous question. I’ve also played a Chief a bunch. The others I can’t speak to.

If you want something different than the Code 2, while still being a performer and being a fun yoyo, the Wrath is a great choice! It’s more nimble than the Code 2 and grinds like a champ if that’s your sort of thing. Very stable as well as being light. Two very different but very enjoyable yoyos.


If your deciding on those 2, look at which shape you’d rather have. I’d go with the wrath.


If you want a skinny angley yoyo with great grinds get the wrath.

If u want wide curvy with SEs get the cascade


Don’t know why you keep referring to it as thin or skinny. At 43mm wide, it’s right in the normal width category. It’s a hair wider than the Avalanche, and only 1mm narrower than the Code 2.


Compared to the summit and cascade.

Also i love wide yoyos.


OK, but it’s still “If you want a normal width yoyo” not “if you want a skinny yoyo”. :wink:


I was in the process of writing a reply with the same feeling Greg lol. The wrath is not skinny. Its average size. Overall it might be a little smaller than the cascade, but thats because the cascade is wider than average. and the Wrath’s Gap width is actually WIDER, giving more room for string in the gap.