Cascade vs. Wrath, UPDATED

Begin…I like flowing and slack style, i like fast but can really only go medium high speed, soooo…?

Honestly?.. Maybe.
What are you looking for? What are your preferences. They’re both going to be good, but what looks “good” in your eyes?

Both great throws!

Cascade: round and curvy, smooth, stable fast, mid sized. Feels pretty wide in the hand but its a good throw

Wrath: unique and curvy shape, smooth, stable, fast, pretty long spinning, fullsized. One of my favorite throws I have.

Either choice is good but I’d pick a wrath up but I may be biased ::slight_smile:

I would agree with this… Although I like the Cascade “slightly” better… The Wrath is one of the best yoyos that I have ever played. I have played more yoyos than I care to say. I keep my Wrath as an everyday “beater” throw… It is one of those throws that can do it all. AND it looks crazy sick!!! If there is one yoyo that I would recommend to anyone that is not a One Drop or CLYW it would be this or the SD Flow… If the Wrath had Side Effects it might be my all time fav throw… That’s how much I enjoy it… BUT again for me the Cascade is a touch better as it is a bit smaller and has that nice rounded shape I tend to prefer…

This may be one of those times where I say “get both”

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Tell us your preferences and we might be able to help you pick an even BETTER throw that you might like much more!

Ive had both. I think I prefer the cascade just because it seems to flow more. It’s a yoyo that makes you play smoother. Maybe its the highwall but just what I’d prefer

Lots and lots of slacks and somewhat technical play which I know the cascade has but ive heard good stuff about the wrath also.


Either of can do those. I guess pick whichever appeals to you more. Casual and just fun throwing pick a cascade but if you want a more competitive shape and playing yoyo the wrath is better suited IMO.

string plays a big factor in slacks and tricks too.

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