I have a headache from trying to pick! Cascade or wrath?


Cascade or wrath? Ordering tonight and im so deadly torn. I Own a rec rev sin/ /saw and a CODE 2. I love my code2 but something different for fun.

Please someone, everyone, help me decide !

thanks lol


since you already own a OneDrop I’d say get a wrath


If you’ve decided the solid colour is something you can live with, the Wrath. Otherwise, the Cascade! Easy!


Wrath, bro.


Omg dude,wrath!!! I’ve heard absolutely incredible things about it but I have yet to try it. But I have tried the cascade and in my opinion, I like the Duncan raptor a 100x better. The cascade is clunky and too wide. I wouldn’t spend more than 30 bucks on a cascade but when u buy a wrath u get ur money’s worth with all the extras. (basically I hate the cascade)


Yup ^ agreed
Didn’t like the cascade as much as I thought, Same with HOT. The shape on the wrath looks interestingly, awesome. I want to try one but doubt I will :confused:


Placed the order for the Wrath!! Thanks guys!!


Right on!


Sweet lemme know how u like it