Cascade or genesis

I think I have narrowed my search down to the cascade and Genesis. Which one do you think I should get.

If you want to spend more, cascade, if not buy my genisis :wink: Its a mint undeniable

They have both cascade and genesis in 7075.

I picked up a cascade recently and really like it, but I lean towards organic shapes (G^2 albatross). Happy with my purchase and performs similar to the albatross, but with that extra weight that I like. It has a wider catch zone which has helped me out. The extra width hasn’t effected my performance while hopping in and out of strings (black hops, grandma kimmit’s sandwich).

If you like wide throws (like me) go with the Cascade. I personally love the feel and ability in a wide throw, and not so much the classic butterfly shape. If you’re into that, though, I’d go with a Genesis. A lot of people love their Genesis, and YYF is a huge, worldwide company. (I’m not saying OD is a bad company, it’s great, but YYF has more of a worldwide fan base).
Also, if the price is a problem for you, go with the Genesis, it’s cheaper new and mint than a Cascade, but if price is not an issue and you already know how much you’ll have to pay, I’d go for the Cascade. It looks sicker and I’d get it, but go with your instincts.

I would say cascade. The ability to use side effects is a good thing to have. Most people I have spoken to enjoy the cascade, and I really don’t like the new genesis colors.

I’ve played both the genesis and the Cascade, I prefer the Cascade more, but I prefer the G^2 Albatross over both of them, so I’d grab an Albatross.