So which one should i get? All 3 have amazing ano and im sure play great. I like that the cascade has side effects. I like that buying a Nessie or a Gelada is supporting a smaller company. Idk though anyone throw them and can tell me what they think?

I love all three, its not an easy choice. The Gelada may be harder to get seeing that its nearly sold out while the Nessie is slightly newer. But the Cascade is just amazing.

Im definitely leaning towards a cascade… but i’d like to get other brands of yoyos too. more than half of my (small) collection is one drops. I know they all play drastically different but still.

I have a gelada. It plays smooth, floaty, and fast. It’s an amazing yoyo. I haven’t tried the other two but I played an albatross and it played great and my code2 is my favorite yoyo. You truly have a hard choice to make lol but if you can get a cascade get one. That’s what I would do.

I am here:

ok well theres a whole bunch of sales going on around the interwebs so i found a nessie for like $80. Im probably gonna get it

80$!! WoW

Can’t beat that price!

$88 my bad. still pretty good. I dont know if i want to buy another yoyo again i just bought a dang!

I go through that all the time… And end up buying a yoyo… Can’t help myself.

hahaha yeahhh me too! I think im going to wait to get a cascade at some point though.

For me size and specs is what its about. Just waiting on cascade. Dont care for the others.

i just like trying new things pretty much. I dont really have preferred specs.

Those are 3 very different yoyos, good luck choosing!

Limited to these three choices… NESSIE!

I have each of them - and they’re all great… and all VERY different…

Cascade is unlike anything OD has put out - but be prepared to have a wide feeling throw - it’s pretty wild, considering it’s a smaller diameter and it feels wider than it actually is. If you have your fair share of H-style throws it’s the way to go.

I’m having fun with my Gelada - it has a great catch zone, finds the string every time, but it feels big in the hand - really big diameter.

Now the Nessie - I haven’t put it down since I’ve gotten it. It has a bit of familiar feel - not because of any particular throw out there, just something feels right, like it’s always been in the collection. It’s comfy, it flies, it finds the string, it doesn’t get lost in the string, but it stays precise… not floaty, but it’s not a rock… I’m probably coming off vague, but once you throw it you’ll be like… uh, yeah…