One Drop Cascade!!!

Launching tomorrow night! Which one are you gonna get! ;D

My heart is set on the wasteland. Hehehehe!

So excited I’m going to POP!

I got a wasteland. Pretty awesome yoyo!

I also like the wasteland. But I just ordered a chief so I can’t afford to buy something new for a while.

I also have a wasteland cascade it looks great and plays awesome!

Have to wait till my b-day for one. And hopefully a solid color at that.

I wonder if yye gives birthday discounts? My birthday is Monday! This is my birthday present to myself. ;D

They are soooooooooo good!!!

Can’t wait!!!

Sadly they mail it inside a Birthday cake and send it by Refrigerated Overnight Express; so the Shipping is $150 bucks.


I really wanted to get one, but I just bought a Gnarwhal off of the bst.

If I were to get one, I would definantly get the dragonslayer.

There was 21 when I ordered wasteland and 20 when I was done. Hehehehehe.

got a wasteland edition!

Got a dragonslayer!

Was this close to a dragonslayer but decided, what the heck…and bought a Vs. Moonwalker instead. Still got a wide and short throw.

How does the Cascade compare to the albatross? I think the cascade looks cool and i kind of want one but i do own the tross and the shapes look close. Any insight

They are very different, the albatross is bigger and feels bigger. The shaping is very different between the two as well.

Hows the couple extra grams play on the smaller size?

Also ordered a Wasteland. Gonna be my first OneDrop!

The Albatross is a bigger throw compared to the Cascade. The Cascade Diameter is 53 so its considered undersized while still feeling as if its a large based throw due to the wideness. Its sort of like a optical illusion when it comes to the throw by itself.

The extra grams of weight that Onedrop added to the Cascade versus the Glider (proto Cascade) made such a dramatic difference that it literally plays like a completely different yoyo. Its at 66.9 which is literally almost at 67 so it feels like a much more solid based throw compared to say a throw like a Dietz which is way undersized.

Cascade. Its hands down the yoyo of the year.