One Drop Cascade

Made a stop down at the One Drop shop and got my hands on the newest OD family member… the Cascade…
DSC_0311 by miketheturtle, on Flickr

The Yellow/Green one is mine, the other is my sons…

If you’ve seen Zammy newest video (or markmont’s BAC performance)
Then you’ve seen it in action…

This thing is unlike any previous OD… it has an awesome hourglass shape, it feels wider than it actually is - which is real cool…  it’s pretty weighty, would not put it in the floaty camp - but it’s not a rock on the string either…

They came with Dome SE’s - I’ve played around with a couple different SE’s - tried out the discs (has a great feel, but it is HEAVY)… went down to spikes… then jumped down to the Ultralites - that’s where I stopped… I realize that the difference between the domes and UL’s are maybe 1g - but they feel right…

This is not a review (that’s why it’s not in the review section)… I’m not a “reviewer” - just a lover of things well made… when these hit the store GRAB ONE!  speaking of hitting the store, I got a sneak peak at the colors heading to YYE - beautiful!!! (the ones in the picture are only at the shop)

I know I see myself having more than one in the future…

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Gah! I just crossed Burnside off my want list (should arrive next week!) and now all of these new YoYos are popping up!

So many pretty YoYos that I can’t have… Life is unfair… :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried Grame’s at NER. It plays like all sorts of awesomeness. And by the way, are these in the picture pre-pro or production run?

I got to try it when it was the Glider inu February. Love that yoyo, definitly will have to pick one up.

These are production run… they just haven’t been engraved.

I played with the proto back in February, as well, there is a little tweaking - it’s all good. Really digging this throw…

Do you know the specs? It doesn’t look like it has an irg at all ???. Bummer.

Yeah, that’s my only complaint with it!

Still looks really cool though.

That looks really nice

Those are some very cool colorways!

I possesed one for a time…very smooth…stable.

Man I wish I lived around the one drop shop. I’d spend a lot of money there lol

Same, except not so much the money as the time.

there go my plans to get another code 2…looks curvy, nice, I want it,

take my $$$$ when will theses be released?

omg right after I order a code 2… just perfect.

I’ll get one this Friday ;D I might make a review I’m so excited for the shop visit

I don’t know the official drop date, but they are being prepped for engraving, and will be on their way to YYE very soon… I saw the YYE edition, burning ember and a black/blue/green one - all three heading exclusively here (YYE) - I think they look great… I have a burning ember 54, and the batch of Cascades I saw were even better looking - just a sweet color job - very brilliant.

To those saying they just got their Code2’s… trust me, you’ll want both! This throw can not be compared to any previous OD… it’s a blast to throw…

@Zigzag97 - have a blast at the shop!

I will. Are you going to the meet if you are I will see you there

I picked one up while I was at the shop too. Great throw. VERY smooth. Looking forward to see what other editions will be coming out ;D

But errr…are you sure that it’s ok with one drop that you’re posting these? I mean, it’s not really going to make a difference now, but if I were a company giving you the option to buy a pre-release yo-yo that hasn’t been revealed yet, I probably wouldn’t go posting pictures out there for everyone to see out of respect for the company. I would leave it up to them to decide when they want to reveal their own yo-yos, colorways, etc. Like I said, it’s not really going to make a difference now, but maybe in the future… Just a thought:) Glad you like it though. I certainly enjoy mine!

There have been plenty of pictures around. This isn’t all that new, to people that know where to look.

As it was already pointed out, pics are all over the place… Zammy and Mark have been doing videos… etc

David is cool with getting the word out… it sells throws