One Drop Cascade

I’ve seen the Cascade up close and personal. Mark Montgomery let me check one out at BAC. I didn’t throw it, but I got to check out the lines and feel. I was more into getting a good look at it.

It’s true though, there’s tons of pictures available if one wants to take the time to look. It’s not hard to find either.

I was referring to the production run pictures…

Cause it hasn’t dropped yet. I’ve seen pictures of the protos too. Tried David’s at PNWR. We’ve all known it’s exists, just hasn’t been available to the public yet, which is what these pictures are of…so yeah:)

Really? a company that sells yoyo wouldn’t want photos of there new yo being to out to get more people excited. I got to disagree. I hope the next post here is a drop date.

I like the Black

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Considering the word has been going around about the Cascade, my guess for the official release will be in the middle of July and or end of it. So get your wallets ready boys.

Also confirmed: It will come with AL Domes for the side effect use.

There has been no known spec release yet so you will have to wait for when either Onedrop or YYE releases it.

Cascade is a good solid throw that fits the needs of folk out there that wish to buy a product from Onedrop that is particularly wide. Looks may seem deceiving. It is undersized for those that want to know. Under the 56 Dia. It does feel wider in the hand than it appears and its amazing for grinds.

Rest assured, you must get one.

Thanks Turtle for linking my video :slight_smile:

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Zammy let me try his a NWRs… and then he tried to teach me a heart suicide and I almost hit him on the head with my yoyo :-[

Yes!! Right after my birthday so hopefully I will have enough money by then to get one.

These look awesome!!! I’m a big fan of the hourglass shape but only have plastics with it. (PSG and the Ateroid) This is one yoyo that I’m going to have to get.

I like the hourglass but would get it regardless. It’s a one drop. Patiently waiting.

For the record - I have David’s blessing on posting the pics…

and for those waiting… no official date, yet… BUT SOON… so get ready!

I have found the one negative thing to the Cascade… it’s causing me to neglect my other throws… :wink:

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i have been having the same problem with my cascade

They got the specs up on the one drop site.And there engravings.Go to the website then press talk then one drop yoyos, then at top it will say yoyo models press that then the cascade will be at the top.sorry don’t know how to link.

Like this! OMG there so nice!