New releases? What are you looking forward to?


Starting January I told my self if I buy a new yoyo I have to sell one, just have too many and I usually just play my favorites. But until then there are some I’m really looking forward to.

One Drop Prescription
(CLYW) Heaven Sent Creep
44RPM Surf
The Executive
CLYW Anniversary Peak

There are a couple or few others that I can’t mention yet, but those are the main ones.

What are you looking forward to releasing this year?


One Drop bimetal.




Have they even announced the Anniversary Peak?

I’m just looking to the Yeti 2 releasing tonight.


Is the peak what releases in December?


Haymaker looks cool, anyone know when it’s getting released? The most I could find were specs and a pic on another store:

Weight (g) 61.3
Diameter (mm) 52.75
Width (mm) 41.62




A certain nautical beast from One Drop. :slight_smile:


On the fence with that one right now, but looks like it’s going to be really good :slight_smile:

(InvaderDust) #10

I guess from what I know about thats coming, the notorious Peak is about the only thing that perks my ears. ::slight_smile:


G Squareds new Bimetal, One drops Marquis. There’s a couple others but that’s mainly it for now.


2017 Onedrop Benchmarks.


(Rock Shouse) #14

I agree with Rasu…looking forward to the Gsquared bimetal the “Elite” a banshee with rings on rims…sounds great! And One Drops new Marguis…haymaker? Sounds interesting too! But CLYW has too much hype for me…need more budget throws to stay relevant in the community…too expensive to enjoy them…


Agreed on the CLYW front, I dig the ones I have but they are pricey

(InvaderDust) #16

I disagree on this quite a bit.
There is enough supply for the part of the community that is OK with paying and playing a premium throw. Some people enjoy the fact that the market isnt flooded with them. Sometimes the inconvience just adds to the story and victory when you get one.
Just getting one is like a great scar or tattoo. They each have a story and significance that comes with it. This adds to the value. The cost is what you pay and the value is what you get. When there is a story, a challenge, a hill or mountain to climb only to find a shining pretty at the top, it makes it more special, and as that value goes up, the cost in comparison goes down. Maybe for the younger, who does not have a job, but once you get older, disposable income becomes easier to find. This also diminishes the cost. So after its all said and done, the price is totally relative to the beholder. What is stupid expensive for one may be very attractively priced to another.
Its just like with anything. Also CL hold its resale value better than most as well because there isnt a billion of them.
Diamonds are valuable due to scarcity. Cubic zarconia is everywhere and its price reflects it.

That being said, CLYW is making alot more less expensive throws. Some people are more happy about this than others. I personally miss their Canada made’s amazeballs Ano jobs, but the new China made ones have been excellent. My manatee is the smoothest yoyo by miles in my collection and the least expensive so far. Literally GLASS smooth. I should make a video haha.

anyway., thats just my thoughts.




I look at the compass as a cheap scout. If they are outsourcing to China would hope they can squeeze a few cheaper throws into their lineup.


I agree with this right here. Also I would rather have more American made type of yoyos to keep the money in more of a local economy as well. The old price was unimaginable when I started but now I would gladly pay the price for the right color way.


I’m really excited about the OD Perscription, but also very torn. It plays super nice, and I love the addition of the grooves in the catch zone, but I’m not sure its different enough from my cascade to warrant the addition. If I got rid of the cascade, possibly… but the cascade has a special spot in my collection beyond its playability factor, so, I’m not sure if I’d get rid of it. We’ll see.

The Kraken on the other hand… I’m going to be hard pressed to not get that. Its HUGE, stable, and yet felt really light for the size. Also a lovely finish, and big catch zone made it a joy to float into finger grinds.

Depending on what it sells for, I may not be able to resist, though I too am at the point where to add another to my collection I must get rid of one . . so that could make for some more ruthless evaluation of which things truly bring me joy and which are taking up space. 8)