Help me find my perfect yoyo!

Ok. I want some throws for Christmas. Just unfortunate that the yoyos I want don’t come in the colors I want at the current moment. I don’t want to spend more than $170.

Size: 50-55 mm

Width: don’t care

Gap: under 4.5 mm

SHAPE: organic or swoop V

Good grinder

Available (still in production or available new)

Needs to be:

[u][i][b]DARK GREEN




MY FAVORIE YOYOS ARE THE PUFFIN AND QUAKE. I’m also looking at the ILYY line right now.

Thanks for all the help,

Cascade sounds like a yoyo you would enjoy greatly or the Mr. Butcher

+1. I love the cascade! Now i regret trading it…

YYJ Diamondback!

tryin to avoid yyj. Idk why



I have heard not a single bad thing about the ILYY Nile. And, in my opinion, their finishes are the absolute best on the market. The Nile is a mm larger than your largest preference however.

To back that up, some of ILYY’s organic throws are well known. Most notable would be the Liopleurodon (shortened usually to Lio). I know where you can find one of these although it is not in your preferred colors list and I cannot back how the Candodize finish is for grinding compared to their blast finish.

Best of luck!

Sounds like a Cascade to me… I really don’t get why color is such a big factor for you though…

I felt that way too at a point. Trust me, the diamondback is TOO good.

Hey, if one doesn’t like the color, why spend big dollars on it?

Changed my mind

Do this:

You get an amplifier and either a ranchero or radian since they both fit your preferences and you walk away with 2 brand new spyys for the price of one