Nessie v. Cascade v. Sakura?


Torn between Nessie, Cascade, and Sakura. All seem to have good reviews. Which do you prefer, and why?


Most people will not have played all 3 of those to any great extent. Myself I’ve only played the Nessie for maybe 15 minutes and I recently got a Cascade.

Those two yoyos couldn’t really be more different, so saying which I like “better” isn’t going to get you far. I would be happy to own a Nessie though I don’t yet, and both would receive good amounts of play for different reasons. They’re just not really comparable.

The Sakura is an H yoyo with mid-walls. It’s going to play again pretty different from those two.

Given that all 3 are different but all 3 get good reviews, I vote for getting the one that has the most visual appeal to you. :wink:


Thanks. Yea, I was just interested in those sizes. Pretty much settled on the Cascade.